Animal Communication 101–practice now!


Telepathic abilities are an innate gift we all share, but people tend to let their minds stay too cluttered to receive telepathic communication clearly. We may know our dog or cat is trying to tell us something, but unless the communication is paired with clear body language, we just don’t get it.

Is it possible for a person with no special psychic abilities to learn telepathic communication well enough to communicate with their own animal family members? Yes!
It does take practice and commitment to become fluent, and some people will find it easier than others. But anyone with a deep desire to learn can do it, and there are books and classes to support you on the journey. Telepathic Animal Communication is a tremendous help with behavior problems, and gives a deep insight into how our animal friends think and feel. For people who can’t imagine a life without an animal companion, it’s a journey worth taking.

Right now, today, you can take the first step. Here’s how.
Find a good-quality photograph of your animal companion, one in which you can clearly see their eyes. Sit with the photo in your hand (or in front of you, if it’s on the computer screen). With both feet on the floor, take a few slow, deep breaths while you relax your body. If you feel any emotion coming up—fear of what you may learn if you are successful in communicating, guilt over some past event between you and your animal companion, or even overwhelming love—notice the emotion, then set it aside.

Strong emotions and personal agendas can block effective communication. If you’re invested in hearing that your dog thinks you’re the best thing since sliced bread, you probably won’t get any communication of value, because you’ll “hear” what you want to hear and tell yourself it’s what the dog said. So drop all of that stuff, release the need to have your own opinions validated, and feel the expanse of space inside your heart that opens up. That’s the space where real communication occurs.

With your heart space open and ready to receive, look into your companion’s eyes and just say, “Hi.” Imagine that your animal friend sits in front of you and responds to your greeting. When you can see that image in your imagination, you’ve stepped into the space of communication. Now, ask a question. Start with something simple, like, “What is your favorite food (or toy, place to sleep, thing to do)?”

The answer may come as a word you hear in your head. It may come as a snapshot image, or a short movie clip you see in your mind’s eye. Whatever it is, accept it. Then thank your animal companion for helping you learn to communicate telepathically, and move on to another question.

If you didn’t feel that you received an answer, this is your opportunity to remove one of your blocks to communication. While you were waiting for an answer, how did you feel? What were you thinking? Did you feel worried you wouldn’t be able to do this? Were you thinking how beautiful your dog’s eyes are? Whatever thought or feeling occupied your mind at that moment is likely to be your block to clear communication. Acknowledge it, set it aside, and try again with a different question.

Practice for about twenty minutes daily. When you are with your animal friend, sit quietly together, ask a question, and remain open to whatever comes up. You can do it, and your animal companion will be glad you took the time to learn!