Karen and her dog, Chloe:
I met Chloe’s person Karen at a metaphysical expo. I communicated with Chloe remotely, since this was a people-only event and Chloe was waiting at home. Energy healing of extreme fear brought on by past experiences came up as a priority. Using a combination of Body Talk, Matrix Energetics, and Reiki, I gave Chloe the healing session remotely the day after the expo. Karen was kind enough to update me by email about a week later.
Chloe - Body talk session for extreme fear
Karen wrote: Omg!!! The change in Chloe has been amazing!! She is much calmer and is showing signs that she knows that she is loved and will not be harmed. Normally she jumps at every little movement and that is not the case anymore. Thank you….Thank you….Thank you. I wish I had met you much sooner for Chloe’s sake.

Update: Karen came to see me at another expo a couple of years later, and said that Chloe is still doing great!


Daike and her dog, Astrid:
I spoke with Daike’s dogs at the 2014 Metaphysical Expo in Pensacola (using the dogs’ photos). During the session, Daike expressed concern that one of her dogs, Astrid, didn’t seem to be truly bonded with her. In our conversation, Astrid let me know that she felt deep shame and grief because she felt she had been given away (from her birth family, at the age of four months) because of something she’d done wrong. I explained to Astrid that she hadn’t done anything wrong, and that puppies are often given a new home when they are old enough to leave their mother. I also did a remote Body Talk session to help Astrid move past those old emotions.
Daike's Astrid
Daike wrote: I AM BEYOND words to express the IMMEDIATE change when I got home!!! Even the LOVE that emanated throughout the sitting time space was beautiful. The CHANGE extraordinary–it was/is a beautiful transition and I’m in awe of your work! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Later, Daike emailed photos of her entire animal family along with a list of questions for a comprehensive session. When I do remote sessions, I email a transcript of the session. These transcripts often illustrate each animal’s personality vividly. Here are a few words from Daike’s email following her review of her family’s session:

Babette!!!! This was the most hilarious read!!!! OMG!!!!! [The answers] my animals [gave] were priceless. I say this, because I can SEE their reactions from knowing them for so long!! I LOVED EVERY WORD YOU WROTE ABOUT THEM AND THE SESSIONS YOU GAVE THEM……I laughed soooo hard with tears at the initial reading last night. YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!! Girl, I’m floored, truly floored!!!! THANK YOU 6 TIMES OVER AND MORE!


Amanda and her dog, Luka:
My friend Amanda’s soft heart prompted her to bring home a dog with problems. She asked for my help and I did a remote Body Talk session for Luka. The session required three ‘booster’ sessions, because sometimes you get the overnight miracle, and other times, you have to peel the onion back layer by layer. The three sessions took place over a period of two months, but Luka experienced a big shift with the first session. I asked Amanda to write about her and Luka’s experience.
Amanda wrote: We rescued Luka off of Craigslist. She was people-scared. She growled and jumped at every little sound. She would not let anyone touch her, but my husband and myself. She also had a problem with nervous bladder. After Babette did the first session, there was an immediate change. Now, she even allows strangers to pet her, and she is much more relaxed. Can’t thank Babette enough for what she has done for our little girl!!!


Griff’s success

Recently, at a dog agility show, I spoke with Griff, who was afraid to get on the seesaw. Griff communicated that he was afraid of the clacking sound the seesaw made when it hit the ground, and showed an incident when the seesaw had been set incorrectly and bounced up as he moved off it. Griff agreed to take the seesaw again, if his person, Mark, would promise to check the safety of the seesaw before Griff’s agility run.

Mark wrote: I just want you to know, that today, for the first time in two years, Griff took the seesaw early in a run, and continued with me and finished the course, and qualified.  I did bring him near the seesaw before the run so he could see me testing it as we said I would.  I also have been letting him do a little more sniffing around more, as he said he loved it so. I don’t know how many big successes you have. But if this sticks, it will be phenomenal.

Update: Well, Griff’s success didn’t stick as well as we would have liked. Sometimes you get the overnight miracle, sometimes you have to peel the onion, and sometimes, you get a little of both. Griff did have a miraculous turnaround, but then did some backsliding. Griff’s initial success with the seesaw was followed by a lack of focus in some subsequent agility runs. I call this the iceberg phenomenon in healing. When we melt one part of the iceberg, another, hidden part pops up out of the water. Or, a problem that has always been there replaces the just-resolved issue at the top of our list of priorities. When this sort of thing happens, it can help to do weekly healing sessions, to keep a gentle pressure on moving forward until the core issue has been resolved, or a long list of unrelated problems has been knocked out, one by one.