Jules comments on why dogs roll in dead things


Jules is a Diva, but she likes “dressing up” for Halloween.

Me: What do you have to teach me?

Jules: “I will teach you how to play and have fun.”

Me: Do I not play enough?

Jules: “You are serious about everything!”

Me: What is your favorite activity?

Jules: Playing rough with Truman.

Me: What do you like about being a dog?

Jules: “Chewing on stuff. Sniffing around outside and finding cool stuff to chew on. Rolling in smelly stuff, like horse poop and dead animals.”

Me: Why do you like to roll in smelly stuff?

Jules: “I take in its energy, make it a part of me. It’s like trying on a costume and pretending to be something else for a while.”

Me: Thank you for helping me practice my animal communication skills. We’re doing this really well, aren’t we?

Jules: “Yeah. When can we go outside for our walk?”

Me: Oh. Am I boring you?

Jules: “Remember what I said about having fun?”

Me: Okay. Can I as one more question before we go outside?

Jules: *sigh* “Okay.”

Me: Who are your best friends?

Jules: “Truman, Princess Grace, and the geese. Can we go outside now?”

Me: Okay. Can we finish this later?

Jules: (Nothing. I’m being ignored.)