Conversation with Sylvie

Emily's dog Sylvie

Emily’s dog Sylvie

Animal communication fosters understanding. It’s easy to misread an animal’s body language, and that’s one reason telepathic communication is so necessary.

My niece was told about a stray that had shown up at a business where someone she knew worked. The dog, a female shepherd mix, had been hanging around the shop for a couple of weeks. My niece, Emily, is a softie who offered to take the dog for an initial vet visit and shots, and find a home for her. Emily posted pictures of the dog and asked friends to share in an effort to find a home for the dog. Meanwhile, Emily had already begun to lose her heart to the dog, who had warmed up to everyone in the household–everyone but Emily. Emily confided that she would be tempted to keep the dog, but was hesitant because the dog didn’t seem to like her.

Emily had two questions: What name did the dog prefer, and why didn’t she seem to like Emily?

Me: What is your name?

Sylvie: My name is Sylvie.

Me: Why aren’t you as friendly with Emily as you are with everyone else?

Sylvie: She is trying to give me away.

Note: Telepathic communication doesn’t always come as words; often it’s visual, or just a barrage of impressions, or a quiet knowing. Sylvie’s communication was a mix of all of these. In just a couple of seconds, I knew that Sylvie’s main fears were of not being chosen, not belonging, not being wanted. She’d been the last puppy chosen in her litter, and had been given away several times. Finally, she decided to find her own place, somewhere to belong, so she chose a busy shop where there were many people coming and going who would be kind to her. She was afraid that Emily would give her to someone else who really didn’t want her, and she’d start the cycle of not-belonging all over again.

Here is the transcript of our conversation:

Me: Emily really likes you, and wants to keep you, but she is worried you don’t like her.

Sylvie: Oh. Really?

Me: Really.

Sylvie: I can stay?

Me: If you want to.

Sylvie: Yes! I want to stay. For always?

Me: Yes, for always. But you have to promise not to get out of the fence when you’re in the yard, because Emily had a problem with a dog who did that before.

Sylvie: I’ll stay! Tell Emily I do like her! I just didn’t want to get attached to her because I thought she didn’t want me. Thank you! Tell Emily I said thank you!

Me: Okay, I will.