Conversation with Jack


Jack forever retains the title of The Best Good Dog. But he wasn’t always perfect.

Just as the cobbler’s children often have the rattiest shoes in town, sometimes my animals are the last ones I have time to talk to. But it’s important for me to spend at least a little time talking to my own animals. Sometimes, proximity and love can make it harder to communicate with an animal. I know it sounds ironic, but strong emotions–even love–can block effective telepathic communication. So it’s important for communicators to connect with their own animals, too. This was an everyday conversation I had with our Alpha dog, Jack.

Me: Hey, Jack. What is your favorite thing to do?

Jack: Thing? I have many favorite things. Running, playing with a squeaky toy, riding in the car and the golf cart, walking in the woods. You know this. Ask me something you don’t know.

Me: Well, okay. Just bear with me. I’m trying to keep in practice, and I appreciate your help.

Jack: You are welcome. Ask away.

Me: What is your purpose?

Jack: I am the benevolent leader of the animals on this farm. Bear helped me to become a peaceful spirit and release anger from my past so I could teach peace to all the animals that live here.

Note: Bear was an Australian Shepherd who was the pack leader until he died at the age of thirteen. He was the epitome of a benevolent leader, and he was alive when Jack first moved in with us. Jack had some anger issues at first, and had to learn to coexist peacefully with other dogs. When Bear passed on, Jack assumed the role of leader, and I asked Bear to hang around long enough to help Jack learn how to lead with love. He did.

Me: Jack, your eyes seem to be very irritated, but I know you hate the eye drops the vet prescribed. Would you rather have the drops, or the itchy eyes?

Jack: I would like the drops, yes. But then, a treat. Because the drops sting.

Me: Is there any advice you have for me today?

Jack: Enjoy everything you do. Don’t let regret or guilt destroy the moment. If you want to sleep or rest, wallow in it! Don’t lie there thinking you should get up. If you feel like playing, give it your whole heart and all of your attention. Don’t try to do one thing while thinking about another.

Me: Thank you, Jack!

Jack: You’re welcome. Now let’s go do something fun!