Conversation with a rattlesnake


Wisdom comes in all shapes and sizes.

One of the exercises in the first Animal Communication class I took from Penelope Smith was to communicate with an animal you’re afraid of. I chose to communicate with the rattlesnake our goat Lupe killed in the back yard. Because telepathic communication occurs with the animal’s spirit, the animal doesn’t have to be alive. Here are a few of the questions I asked, and what Rattlesnake said:

What do you have to teach me? “Be one with the earth. My heart chakra is open and connected to the earth; even the vibrations of those above me are felt through the earth. Remaining connected to the earth and all creatures who walk it is as natural as breathing.”

What do you like about being a rattlesnake? “I am both humble and powerful. I live in close connection with the earth’s energies. I carry the energy of Mother Earth.”

What gives you joy? “It gives me joy to help an animal transcend their physical body. I experience their transformation with them. I assist them with love and reverence for their life and spirit.”

What is your purpose in life? “I help animals who are ready to transform into spirit.”

What do you dream of? “I project the energy of Mother Earth into physical form and hold the energy for humankind to do the same.”

What can you tell me about your past? “I have lived near the swamp below your house. I have watched you from a distance, keeping a respectful space so as not to cause you fear.”

What haven’t I understood about you? “I have great love for all things. I am not violent or cruel. I strike quickly and accurately so those animals I help to transcend don’t suffer. Their bodies as food are their gift back to me for my loving help with their transformation.”

Makes you think, doesn’t it?