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This was a quick communication that illustrates the problem people often have in misreading an animal’s body language, and why telepathic communication is so necessary. My niece was told about a stray that had shown up at a business where someone she knew worked. The dog, a female shepherd mix, […]

Conversation with Sylvie

Me: Hey, Jack. What is your favorite thing to do? Jack: Thing? I have many favorite things. Running, playing with a squeaky toy, riding in the car and the golf cart, walking in the woods. You know this. Ask me something you don’t know. Me: Well, okay. Just bear with […]

Conversation with Jack

CONVERSATION WITH A RATTLESNAKE One of the exercises in the first Animal Communication class I took from Penelope Smith was to communicate with an animal you’re afraid of. I chose to communicate with the rattlesnake our goat Lupe killed in the back yard. Because telepathic communication occurs with the animal’s […]

Conversation with a rattlesnake