Adventures in Animal Communication

Animal communication fosters understanding. It’s easy to misread an animal’s body language, and that’s one reason telepathic communication is so necessary. My niece was told about a stray that had shown up at a business where someone she knew worked. The dog, a female shepherd mix, had been hanging around […]

Conversation with Sylvie

Jack forever retains the title of The Best Good Dog. But he wasn’t always perfect. Just as the cobbler’s children often have the rattiest shoes in town, sometimes my animals are the last ones I have time to talk to. But it’s important for me to spend at least a […]

Conversation with Jack

CONVERSATION WITH A RATTLESNAKE Wisdom comes in all shapes and sizes. One of the exercises in the first Animal Communication class I took from Penelope Smith was to communicate with an animal you’re afraid of. I chose to communicate with the rattlesnake our goat Lupe killed in the back yard. […]

Conversation with a rattlesnake