Tell me more!

Who I am, and what I do:

I am a telepathic animal communicator and counselor, which means that I am able to communicate with animals telepathically. But more than that, I use my abilities to foster understanding and resolve problems within a multi-species household. In addition, when simple understanding and compromise isn’t enough, I utilize energy healing for animals, humans, and situations. I am trained in several powerful modalities, including Body Talk, Matrix Energetics, and Master-Level Reiki.

Proximity isn’t an issue, which means that it doesn’t matter whether my clients are in my zip code. It doesn’t matter whether they are in physical form or have passed over to spirit. If you live in Timbuktu, I can still work with your animal family members to get answers and solve problems.

What is telepathic animal communication?

Animals communicate with each other telepathically. Have you ever seen a huge flock of birds racing across the sky in complete synchronicity? Flying wing-tip to wing-tip, they bank and turn like one organism. Without looking left or right, each bird knows what every other bird is doing. Our pets communicate with us telepathically, too. It happens all the time, but often we fail to realize it.

When we’re sitting in front of the television; and the thought pops into our head that the cat’s water bowl needs refilling… Or, we decide it’s probably about time to take the dog for a walk, and he suddenly shows up from another room, ready to go. Anyone who has pets can probably remember a time when the dog or cat seemed to decide to disappear just in time to miss a scheduled vet appointment. Is this coincidence, or does your pet know what you’re thinking?

You’re here, so you’re at least willing to entertain the notion that there might be something really cool lurking behind door number two.

Though telepathic abilities are an innate gift we all share, it takes a little doing for most of us to cultivate. It takes a clear head, an open heart, an ability to be fully present in the moment, and confidence in your abilities. Daily meditation helps. Training and practice are essential. You can do it, too, and I can teach you! But until then, I’m here to bridge the gap between you and your animal family.


How does an animal communication and counseling session work?

In an animal communication session, you first have to determine your needs and goals, and do your part to set the stage for me to do my work. I could do this with little or no information from you beyond your animal’s name and description. But in order to figure out what’s going on, I’d have to spend a lot more time making cocktail-party conversation with your animal, and that might not solve the problem you’re hiring me to fix. So, in the interest of time (yours and mine) you’ll have to do your part before I can do mine. The more specific and thorough you are in describing what you want to accomplish, the more I can help you achieve those goals.

Once I’ve received your information, I’ll email a reply and send a PayPal invoice to your email address. When I receive your payment, I’ll speak with your animals. Usually this is done remotely–I’m sitting in front of my computer, connecting with your animal(s) through their photographs. Even if you want me to make a house call, I’ll still need all that information. While I’m communicating with your animals, I’ll be typing up a transcript. If energy healing is needed for the situation or your animals, it is included at no extra cost. When I’m done, I’ll email the transcript to you. This usually takes me about a week, unless you’ve booked an emergency session. Your session includes a follow up phone call, so I can answer any questions you may have at that time. When you’re done reading the transcript, you’ll email me, and we’ll set up a time to talk.


So. Your part is to do these things:

  1. Check out the “What does it cost?” page and decide what service  you want.
  2. Click on the Client Instructions button below and read the instructions.
  3. Take some great pics of your animal(s), and select the best one (or two).
  4. Copy and paste the Client Questionnaire into an email addressed to me.
  5. In the email, answer all the questions, paste-in photos, and send the email to me.

This is a process, and like any process, the more detailed the input, the better the output. Before you fill out the questionnaire, please  read the instructions because I have provided guidance on how to word your questions and goals, and the ALL IMPORTANT, “how to take a good photo” of your pet.  Examples are even included! The photos should be as clear as possible, with your animal looking at the camera, without using a flash. Natural daylight works best. Some animals will do anything to avoid looking into a camera lens. If this happens, no worries, just do the best you can to catch them in a candid moment. Please don’t try to hold them still to take a forced photo!  This stress will be captured and could interfere with the issue in question.

For longstanding behavior issues or chronic health problems, I offer a “Package of 4 in 30 days” healing sessions. These are not in-depth sessions, but are follow-up maintenance for situations that are more “peeling-the-onion” or “chipping-the-iceberg” in nature.  This will not require a phone call appointment since I just email you the transcript 4 times (in 30 days), and we keep in touch via email as the situation develops.

I also offer a “Quick Check-In” for existing clients (after a full session and I have a file built) that expands on existing situations or something new and is more limited in scope than a full session. There is a phone call included in this option.